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Effective Data Governance Opens the Door to Insight

Most businesses now hold the belief that data is a huge asset or even “the new oil”. Yet many still have difficulties with managing quality. In a recent report from O’Reilly titled The State of Data Quality in 2020, one of the main conclusions is that data quality is going to get worse before it gets better. While common problems such as dealing with unifying multiple sources and missing data are still challenges, organizations are starting to adapt data governance policies with C-level support.

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New Data Available in Our Chinese Patent Records

We’ve been hard at work for the past several months rebuilding our Chinese data collection and are now able to offer additional legal event information. The new records are also more accurate, available sooner than ever before, and have greatly improved English translations.

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Intellectual Property Offices and the Commercial Sector Work Together to Fight COVID-19

During the last few months, the coronavirus has dramatically changed the way we live and work and the world around us. Even as restrictions are eased and case numbers have fallen in some parts of the world, finding methods to prevent and treat the pandemic are crucial.

As with any type of new technology development, considering the IP landscape is essential. We are researching and writing about the unusual steps IP offices and the commercial sector are taking to help during this unprecedented time.

  • Working on a Patent that will Help with the Coronavirus? The USPTO has a new "fast track" program for small business patent applications. The application must contain at least one claim related to a product or process related to COVID-19.
  • IP Offices Enact Measures to Stay Operational discusses how these organizations have turned to remote work and taken steps to help patent owners and applicants. Many offices extended deadlines for fee payments and cancelled or rescheduled meetings. Links are provided to keep up with news from the major patent organizations.
  • Fighting COVID-19 with Shared Resources talks about open science initiatives designed to keep researchers informed through the latest scientific research studies. Additionally, some organizations are taking the Open COVID Pledge to make their IP freely available for the purpose of fighting the pandemic. 
  • Patents and the Open Covid Pledge covers a movement to make IP assets available for free use until the pandemic is over; several major IP holders have signed on including IBM, Microsoft, and Facebook. 


Featured Partner: ChemAxon

ChemAxon provides chemistry and biologics software platforms with a variety of applications and services to optimize the value of information in life sciences and other R&D environments. Our mission is to inspire scientists to manage their chemical and biological data via intuitive, powerful and cost effective informatics tools, developed together with our customers and integrator partners. ChemAxon provides the most advanced Markush technology, including rapid structure searches in Markush spaces, enumeration, overlap analysis and the automatic generation of Markush structures from compound libraries. 

Watch a short video about how IFI patent data can be used in the ChemCurator product.

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