IFI CLAIMS Patent Services Licenses Global Patent Data to Gridlogics

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MADISON, Conn., Dec. 10, 2012 — IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, the leading producer of global patent databases, analytic solutions and innovative web services, today announced that it has licensed the CLAIMS® Global patent database to Gridlogics, an India-based intellectual properties solutions provider with customers all over the world.  Under the agreement, IFI CLAIMS global data will be accessible from the Gridlogics PatSeer™ patent search and analysis platform, giving its customers access to high quality, integrated patent data.
The IFI CLAIMS Global patent database contains a comprehensive international patent collection.  Coverage spans more than 90 countries in North America, Europe and Asia including the U.S., Canada, Germany, Spain, Japan, China, South Korea and patents covered by the European Patent Office and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This state-of-the-art database is normalized and curated by IFI to provide unprecedented consistency and quality.
Under the agreement, Gridlogics accesses the CLAIMS Global database via CLAIMS Direct, IFI’s web-based API.  PatSeer is Gridlogics’ web-based patent research platform that combines global patent data coverage with powerful patent search, analysis, project management and collaboration capabilities.
 "The CLAIMS Direct platform makes it easy for us to integrate global patent data into our products and services," said Manish Sinha, Chief Technology Officer, Gridlogics.  "IFI provides a dynamic data repository that serves as both a data source and reference."
"We are excited that Gridlogics has chosen IFI CLAIMS as a patent data supplier,” said Mike Baycroft, CEO, IFI CLAIMS Patent Services.  "By licensing CLAIMS Direct, Gridlogics takes advantage of IFI's tradition of patent data quality and innovative data products."
IFI CLAIMS Patent Services has been processing, interpreting and indexing patent data since 1955.  In that time, it has developed a variety of proprietary processes and data management skills that allow it to keep pace with the constantly changing patent data landscape produced by the world's patent offices.  For more information, visit the company’s website at www.ificlaims.com.
CLAIMS® is a registered trademark of IFI CLAIMS Patent Services.
PatSeer™ is a trademark of Gridlogics
About IFI CLAIMS Patent Services/Fairview Research
IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, a division of Fairview Research, is the preeminent producer of value-added patent databases, the innovative CLAIMS DIRECT web service, and provider of the KMX Patent Analytics solution. From the most rigorous U.S. assignee name standardization process in the industry, to continual class code updates, and comprehensive indexing for chemical patents — IFI has built a solid reputation as a leader in patent databases. Fairview Research (Madison, Conn., and Barcelona, Spain) is a provider of data enrichment technology and services for information retrieval and analysis. Founded in 2006, the company is skilled at making large-scale scientific and technical databases more searchable and helping to lower the cost of specialized research. For more information, visit www.ificlaims.com.
About Gridlogics
Gridlogics is a global patent solutions provider whose flagship product Patent iNSIGHT Pro is in use by more than 400 users across corporations, law firms, service providers and even technology startups. Patent iNSIGHT Pro is a fully-featured patent analytics solution that includes powerful tools to import, clean and slice-dice patent data and finally generates charts and visuals as per user needs. PatSeer is a web based patent research platform that combines global patent data coverage with powerful patent search, analysis, project management and collaboration capabilities.  Gridlogics combines technology leadership with deep patent industry expertise to come up with products that ease day-to-day challenges faced by patent professionals. For more information, visit www.gridlogics.com.