New Analysis by IFI CLAIMS Provides Insight into the Intangible Assets of the Top U.S. Publicly Traded Companies

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Capital One Financing had the fastest growing patent portfolio in 2019;
Morgan Stanley’s portfolio showed the steepest decline

NEW HAVEN, Conn., Jan. 7, 2020 — IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, provider of the most accessible global patent data repository, today released its annual ranking of companies on the S&P 100 Index that currently hold the most active patent families.
To view the global patent rankings of all 100 companies, visit the 2019 IFI S&P100, posted today on the company’s website. IFI will also issue its much-anticipated annual rankings of the Top 50 U.S. patent recipients of 2019 along with analysis covering fast growing technologies and U.S. patent trends. In addition IFI will introduce the IFI 250 which showcases the top owners of global patent assets.
“Overall, patents continue to rise among the S&P 100, with 8 percent growth across the list and 75 percent of member companies growing their patent portfolios since our first S&P analysis in May 2019,” said Mike Baycroft, CEO of IFI CLAIMS Patent Services. “We see this as an encouraging indicator of vibrancy of some of America’s top companies in terms of innovation.”
“Examining the patent assets of the S&P 100 gives financial analysts a new tool to gauge the intangible assets of publicly traded companies,” continued Baycroft. “Intangible assets are becoming increasingly important to a company’s valuation.”

Patent data is clearly a valuable financial indicator, according to Baycroft. “Many researchers, analysts, and investors are looking for new insights into R&D productivity, technology trends, and clues to IP strategy and competitive landscape within different industries,” he added.

Findings include:
  • 36% of the S&P 100 exceeded average portfolio growth from May through December, 2019.
  • Among companies with over a thousand patent families, Facebook had the fastest growth from May through December, with a 29% increase in its portfolio.
  • Capital One Financing had the fastest growing portfolio, seeing 100% growth over the past seven months.
  • Several pharmaceutical company portfolios shrunk 1-4% during that time period including Pfizer, Merck, Abbvie and Abbott Labs’. However BMS grew by an impressive 29%.
  • Morgan Stanley showed the largest decline, with its portfolio shrinking by 17%.
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