Introduction to CLAIMS Direct


IFI CLAIMS offers easy access to high-quality, global patent data through CLAIMS Direct. Investment management, life sciences, IP service companies and others rely on us to power their applications and data analysis.

Our large and continually growing database features patent records which have gone through an extensive clean-up process. More than 70 sources of information from 90+ countries are combined into a standard XML format.

We add data enrichments that save time. One of the most important things we do is standardize company names. For example, there are more than 2,000 variations of how “IBM” appears in patent records, and we make all of them consistent. Other enrichments we offer are machine translations of non-English documents, patent status, expiration dates, claims summaries, and more.

CLAIMS Direct can be hosted in the cloud or added to your data warehouse. Get started today with our 14-day free trial.