Our automatic updates enable both you and your clients to always have accurate and up-to-date data. Whenever a change to a record is made in our primary database, all our client databases are automatically updated as well, allowing you to provide your clients with the most accurate solutions and recommendations. Our platform is extensible, and you can connect data relative to you and your clients’ needs in tandem with our patent data.

Business Strategy

Elevate your business strategy with intangible asset data, and:

  • Map acquisitions for intellectual property
  • Build analytics models to track industry trends and competitors
  • Complete risk analyses to find which technologies are at risk of sale

Competitive Intelligence

Patents are the world’s largest technical repository and also serve as a historical catalog of events. A technology can be tracked, geographically defined, and key industry players identified, all in view of the past, present, and future timeline.

Discover which technologies your competitor is patenting all in one view with IFI Ultimate Owners and Snapshots.

Elevate your analyses in key areas, such as:

  • Location

    Where are new companies obtaining patent protection? What are the top locations patents are getting filed in?

  • Size

    How big are competitors' IP portfolios? Are companies dropping their patents?

  • Technology

    What technology are the companies filing in? Is old technology lapsing?

  • Time

    How fast are companies filing specific patents? When are companies’ patents expiring?

  • Risk

    Which companies are facing legal action with litigation? Which companies are litigating other companies?

  • Company Tracking

    Is a new company filing a lot of patents in a specific area? Are specific companies filing similar technologies?

Accurate and up-to-date information for you and your clients

Our update process is fully automated, ensuring reliable data synchronization. Other data sources are not fully automated and leave the customer to stitch together file-based updates, which increases the risk of synchronization errors.

Our Partners

IALE Technologia logo

IALE is a key player in Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence in particular in Spain and Latin America and a reference provider of knowledge/innovation management solutions for governments, companies and research institutions.


SYBARIP's platform correlates IP with products and features, generates continuous IP-to-business value analysis, estimates risk by competitors, and recommends actions. With AI-based automation it improves the value of the IP portfolio while reducing the overhead of managing it.