Global Patent Litigation via CLAIMS Direct

Identifying significant innovation can be challenging. It is easy enough to find patents related to a particular technology or owned by a particular company, but how do you know which ones matter? The litigation data subscription is built on MaxVal Global Litigation Data, providing unique competitive intelligence and valuation metrics.

Benefits of Litigation Data

  • Find highly valuable and visible patents with litigation.
  • Identify companies and technologies with conflict and competition.
  • Discover types of cases tied to patents such as infringement.
  • Drill into case statuses and court details.
  • Track key players and outcomes.
  • Access via IFI's standardized XML format.

Global Coverage

Global coverage includes patent references, case details, outcomes, party data and more from:

  • US
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • UK
  • Netherlands
  • Canada
  • South Korea

Amplify Your Analysis

With global patent litigation data, you can:

  • Improve landscaping - demonstrate by percentages which IPC(s) are being challenged and with what success rate
  • Discover technologies & companies of interest - see who is challenging which companies and who is possibly trying to enter a given space
  • Enhance competitive intelligence - examine geographies and technologies that competitors are considering
  • Improve examiner efficiency - which examiners are challenged most and with what success
  • Increase law firm effectiveness - determine which law firms are most successful at challenging and defending their intellectual property

Patent Litigation Examples:

Masimo Corp v Apple

Masimo Corp sued Apple for 5 of their medical technology patents found in the Apple Watch that use light to measure blood oxygen levels. (Susan Decker, "Apple faces demand to bar its watch from US as patent fight widens," 2021)

Bose v Beats

Bose sued Beats for 36 US patent grants and applications related to noise-canceling technology. (Darrell Etherington, "Bose Picks A Patent Fight With Beats Over Noise-Cancelling Headphones," 2014)