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We are constantly adding new information sources to CLAIMS Direct, drawing upon our strengths as data architects to ensure the new records meet our strict quality guidelines.

Our data platform uses algorithms to check incoming records before they are added to the system. If problems are found, a team of content specialists manually reviews and resolves discrepancies before going live.


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Recent work

In 2020 we added 7 new full-text countries and authorities to our database, and we're continuing along the same path in 2021. On average, 200,000 new records and 8-10 million record updates are added every month.

In July 2020, we added English translations from Google Neural Machine Translation to all of our full text records with the exception of China, which received improved English translations from a separate source.

We recently replaced our Chinese full text records with improved data from our new source, which includes data in English and original Chinese as well as a number of additional features such as referenced images, faster and more detailed legal status data, keywords, statistical information, declassified dates, and additional address information.

These reloads replaced earlier translations with much higher-quality text and increased the speed with which translations are available. For Chinese records, English translations are now available one day after the publication date.

Currently, we are adding IFI Snapshots to Chinese records, which include IFI Standardized Names, Expiry dates and Patent Status.

If you need documents from a country we don't currently offer, we will work to secure access to that country. For the latest detailed country-specific coverage, please contact us.

Obtenga más información sobre las sectores comunes y los roles profesionales que utilizan nuestra base de datos de patentes. Obtenga más información sobre los sectores y los roles profesionales que utilizan nuestra base de datos de patentes.

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