CLAIMS Direct Deployment

Our product is a self-contained, ready-to-use patent database with a scalable data architecture which exposes a mature set of web services. An extensive documentation portal is available to ensure you always have the most current product information.

Subscription Options

Subscription options license

Flexible Licensing

We offer several different subscription models to suit your needs. None of these models impose volume limits, transactional charges, or metering assessments.

All service levels contain name standardization, expiration dates, patent status, and claims summaries. Different license types provide flexibility for reselling the data and the number of countries to which you need access.

We offer a 14-day free trial of CLAIMS Direct. Learn how it works.

Maintain your privacy: You can install CLAIMS Direct in your own data center to ensure complete privacy, while still receiving new data and updates.

Deployment Options

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

  • Let us take care of the hosting details.
  • Get up and running quickly.
  • Access CLAIMS Direct through HTTP REST Web Services.
On-site Deployment

On-site Deployment

  • Automated updates keep the local database current.
  • Analyze or index the complete patent repository using the tools of your choice.
  • Sync the CLAIMS Direct XML database directly into your in-house systems.

Deployment Process

Our experienced client support team makes getting started easy.

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