CLAIMS® Patent Intelligence and Technology Report (PITR)

Patent Intelligence and Technology Report product enables you to keep track of intellectual property market trends. PITR is the insider's guide to competitive patent information. PITR provides easy access to comprehensive statistical and analytical data that would normally require a costly, on-going research program to compile.

PITR eliminates the need for time consuming assignee name standardization. PITR is built using IFI’s standardized and probable assignee name data products allowing you to quickly and easily get accurate patent counts.

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PITR - The Easy to Use Patent Dashboard

PITR Online Reporting

With this must-have online resource you can:
  • Determine which companies are key players in a particular technology
  • Identify strategic partners
  • Gain an insider's view of a competitor's patenting activity
  • Review the number of new patents in each category for the past year
  • Track patenting trends across industries

Standardized Assignee Names

All of the company names included in the PITR are edited and standardized to ensure accuracy, consistency and ease of use. You'll find a wealth of competitive information, including:
  • Detailed statistics, company profiles and analysis on all companies that received 10 or more U.S. patents — more than 7,000 companies in more than 40 countries
  • Rankings of companies according to total number of U.S. patents granted during the year
  • Distribution of patents by company within U.S. classification
  • Six-year profile by subject area for each company
  • An insider's view of company trends in research

PITR for Competitive Intelligence

This unparalleled competitive tool pulls together all the relevant information to make your research time more productive

Use this easy-to-use report to:
  • Gather and monitor patenting activity for competitive information
  • Accurately compare patenting activity of many companies spanning a wide range of technologies and years
  • See how your company's patent activity compares in the industry