IFI Rankings - 2023

Patents provide unique insights into many markets. From competitive intelligence to future technology breakthroughs, analysis of patent data provides indicators not available from any other source. Using highly accurate data is essential and our CLAIMS Direct platform delivers it through proprietary data architecture.

Our 2023 global press release provides an overview of our findings. Looking for another report? Contact the IFI Team.

Live 1000 Patent Ranking

Interactive Ranking Updated Daily

The free and interactive Live 1000 Patent Ranking tool allows you to analyze current top 1000 assignee and applicant activity since 2019. Based on the top 1000 companies in a given country or publishing authority, you can search, sort, filter, and generate charts to make your own discoveries.

Global 250

A Global Patent Portfolio Report

The IFI Global 250 ranks Ultimate Owners, providing an overall view of an entity's global patent holdings. The top Global 250 presents the current cumulative patent holdings in a given portfolio as a snapshot in time.

Top 50

US Patent Grants

The Top 50 ranking identifies 2023's most innovative companies within the US intellectual property space. Analyzing patent grants, as seen in the Top 50, allows you to determine which companies are actively inventing in new technology spaces.

2023 Trends & Insights

US Patent Applications & Grants

The annual trends and insights analysis provides an overview of US patent activity. Not only does the review provide overall trends for US patent grants and applications, but it also highlights the top countries patenting in the US and key trends in CPC code areas.

S&P 100

A Global Portfolio Report

The IFI S&P 100 ranking focuses on Ultimate Owners, providing an overall view of an entity's global patent holdings, including its subsidiaries. Discover which S&P 100 companies topped the ranking.

Fastest Growing Technologies

US Patent Applications

The Fastest Growing Technologies provides insight into rapidly growing patent classifications and the companies investing within those areas.