IFI CLAIMS® Custom Patent Databases

Database Creation & Management Services

With the exponential growth in information and literature, both proprietary and external, many companies are finding it difficult to effectively manage an internal database of crucial information.

An additional challenge facing companies involved in a merger or acquisition is the monumental task of reconciling the enormous amount of data-such as patent documents and technology documentation-and integrating it into a cohesive whole for easy retrieval.

IFI's Custom Database Creation/Database Management Service allows companies to cost-effectively manage the document integration process and facilitate ongoing document retrieval and analysis. We can help you with the document management process by providing services that include:
  • Providing and integrating documents into your own internal database, or creating and maintaining a separate, secure database updated and managed by IFI. The database can be maintained behind your firewall, or hosted by IFI with secure access.
  • Working with a software developer to create a complete system for your company to securely search the database and maintain it as needed.
  • Creating custom data feeds to meet your system requirements.
We would be delighted to talk with you to discuss ways that IFI can help with your document management needs.