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We provide the highest quality patent data available through the CLAIMS Direct platform. When you partner with IFI, you'll find our team is truly dedicated to your success. We'll work with your team to ensure a smooth implementation process and continue to support you with any content or technical questions that arise.

Founded in: 1955
Headquarters: New Haven, CT, USA
Satellite Office: Barcelona, Spain

IFI CLAIMS is dedicated to having the world’s leading patent data platform for new insights and innovations. We supercharge our customers’ data knowledge to match their unique needs and ensure their success. Our goal is to continue perfecting our methods to improve efficiency, save time and help you make the most of your data.


Combined years of patent experience & expertise

Our Team

Through many years of experience working with our partners, we understand the challenges of working with patent data and how critical information can be missed. We ensure our partners make the most of our data and platform based on their unique needs or business challenges. When you partner with IFI, our team is dedicated to your success.

Who owns IFI?

Chevron, implies ownership of Chevron, implies ownership of

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IFI has the financial backing of a multinational publishing conglomerate with a small company feel.

IFI's History

IFI CLAIMS Patent Services was incorporated in 1955 under the name Information for Industry, Inc. (IFI). Electronic data and proprietary search software were first made available in the 1960s, with a focus on chemical patent information. At that time, IFI produced the first in-depth US chemical patent index, the Uniterm Index, averaging 20 to 25 keyword terms per US patent. The Uniterm Index was initially offered in a printed, dual dictionary format. In 1967, IFI began to deliver the Uniterm index in electronic form, complete with proprietary search software for use within corporate information departments.

During the 1970s, IFI's US patent databases entered the world of interactive online searching, when they became the first patent databases offered by Lockheed's Dialog Information Services. IFI continued to expand the depth and breadth of their US patent content to include all patented technologies, patent citations, legal status changes, reassignments, and published applications. Distribution channels also extended to include STN International and Questel.

Fairview Research, a provider of data enrichment technology, acquired IFI CLAIMS from Wolters Kluwer in 2010 and expanded the scope of business to include high value data curation services for global patent information from all industries.

Digital Science, a technology company serving stakeholders across the research ecosystem, invested in IFI CLAIMS in 2017. This investment served as part of its aim to diversify the search and analytics landscape by bringing together awarded grants data, publication and citation data with patent data to allow better contextualization of research - from funding through publication to translation and impact.

In 2021, Digital Science fully acquired IFI CLAIMS.