Author: Sam Davis

Sam Davis is the CEO and co-founder of Amplified AI. Amplified develops artificial intelligence to make researching patents and papers easier and more valuable. The easy-to-use web application is an intuitive way to find relevant patents in an hour or less, even if you have no search experience. Instead of a static list of results, Amplified empowers quick, iterative searching by blending two independent ways of organizing information: AI-based conceptual sorting and keyword-based filtering. As you analyze information, keep track of everything with built-in annotation, notes, and automatic reference tracking so every hour you invest in research today is an hour less you need to spend in the future.

Amplified covers global patent literature and is used by inventors and IP professionals at corporations, research universities, patent offices, and IP law firms in 13 countries for real-time brainstorming, ideation, invention harvesting, novelty, invalidity, FTO, and monitoring.

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