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“S&P 500 companies' intangible assets have gone from 17% of total assets in 1975 to 90% last year,” (2020). * Thus, providing an indication 90% of corporate American wealth is held in the intangibles, with their monetary value unseen within a balance sheet. Signifying patent data as a crucial factor to company and market valuation analyses.

* Alan Murray and David Meyer, "We are All Tech Companies Now," Fortune, 2021

CLAIMS Direct seamlessly integrates your key financial
indicators with our global patent data.

Take your financial analysis to the next level and gain deeper and broader insights when deciding when, where, why or who to invest in when making important financial decisions.

Data flow for finance use cases

Elevate your financial analyses in key areas:

  • Location

    Where are new companies obtaining patent protection? What are the top locations patents are getting filed in?

  • Size

    How big are their IP portfolios? Are companies dropping their patents?

  • Technology

    What technologies are companies filing in? Is old technology lapsing?

  • Time

    How fast are companies filing specific patents? When are companies’ patents expiring?

  • Risk

    Which companies are facing legal action with litigation? Which companies are litigating other companies?

  • Company

    Is a new company filing a lot of patents in a specific area? Are specific companies filing similar technologies?

No need for prior patent data experience to work with our platform, our team of experts ensures efficient and productive use of our data for your individual needs.

Uncovering the innovation trends of the S&P 100

S&P 100 Ranking

Global companies are increasing their investments in intangible assets, making IP valuations of the utmost importance. To gauge how the companies in the S&P 100 performed in the last year, IFI created an Ultimate Owner report including the companies and all their subsidiaries.

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Quant IP's Question:

  • Does patent data hold valuable information for financial market participants and is there a systematic way to use it?

The IFI Answer:

The quality and accuracy of the IFI CLAIMS database made it possible to conduct thorough research with reliable metrics, which is key for anyone building historical data sets for millions of data points.

Learn how Quant IP found the answer to their question ✓

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