Legal Services

Our platform allows you to save time and money to focus on your current cases and client needs while we handle the data governance. Our automatic updates ensure you and your clients always have up-to-date information. Once we update our primary database, corrections are simultaneously updated in all our client databases, allowing you more time to analyze IP portfolios and make decisions or recommendations for your clients.

Risk Analysis

Find answers to your questions concerning risk, such as:

  • Which companies are facing legal action with litigation?
  • Which companies are litigating other companies?
  • Which technologies are being litigated?

Efficient Research

Utilize IFI Snapshots to easily find information related to a patent. Discover critical information about a patent with IFI Snapshots such as the IFI Publication Type, IFI Patent Status (for grants and applications), Expiration Dates, IFI Names and Claims Summaries.

Litigation Data

By adding the optional litigation data to your subscription, you can easily track the patent assets and parties mentioned in court actions. The litigation data subscription is built on the MaxVal Global Litigation Data. The data provides unique competitive intelligence and valuation metrics.

IFI Names

We map variations of applicant and assignee names under one accurate, searchable standardized name, available for original (name at time of publication), current owners (mergers, acquisitions, name changes, etc.), and the ultimate owner. We also include reassignments and probable assignees.

Integrate multiple data sources with our extensible platform

Adding and merging new types of information is what the CLAIMS Direct platform was developed to do.
Take advantage of our specialized architecture and have us merge other internal or external data sources.