Patent Data Enrichments and Add‑Ons

Save time on data clean up and analysis with specialized fields. Our active data governance has delivered over 1.5 billion record updates in the last 10 years. Through many years of experience working with our partners, we understand the challenges of working with patent data.

You can rely on IFI to deliver the data precision you need.

IFI Snapshots

Discover critical information about a patent with IFI Snapshots such as the IFI Publication Type, IFI Patent Status (for grants and applications), Expiration Dates, IFI Names and Claims Summaries.

IFI Names

We map variations of applicant and assignee names under one accurate, searchable standardized name, available for original (name at time of publication), current owners (mergers, acquisitions, name changes, etc.), and the ultimate owner. We also include reassignments and probable assignees.

English Translations

  • IFI has added English translations to our “original language” full text patent records (Claims and Descriptions).
  • Search and analyze English text while avoiding translation costs.
  • Translations are delivered quickly, one day after the availability of the original text for most countries.

Custom Offerings

  • Attachment Service – retrieve attachments associated with patents such as clipped images, drawings, chemistry files, and full page images. With the bulk download service you can gain access to attachments in a convenient package.
  • Citation Service – retrieve backward or forward citations for patent records.
  • Family Service – retrieve simple and extended families.
  • Search, Text and Reporting Services are also available.

Data Add-Ons

Litigation Data

By adding the optional litigation data to your subscription, you can easily track the patent assets and parties mentioned in court actions. The litigation data subscription is built on the MaxVal Global Litigation Data. The data provides unique competitive intelligence and valuation metrics.