IFI Snapshots Explained

WHY Snapshots matter

Inefficiency wastes time and interferes with timely decisions. IFI Snapshots deliver our industry’s defense in the war against inefficiency. For more than 70 years, IFI CLAIMS has supported the world’s premier patent researchers, analysts, and executives. Assessment of our clientele’s objectives clarified many common obstacles patent professionals face. IFI Snapshots provide the silver bullet for many of these challenges, presenting industry-common Key Patent Indicators with expedited access, topical focus, and above all simplicity. 

WHAT is the IFI Snapshot?

The IFI Snapshot is an overview of a patent document at a moment in time. Our editorial process identifies, analyzes, and incorporates Key Patent Indicators into a concise summary of the document.

WHICH key indicators?

IFI Standardized Names

IFI standardizes the names of applicants and assignees, mapping variations and common misspellings under one accurate, searchable name. We do this not only for the original applicant or assignee but also for the current owner of the invention. Furthermore, the IFI Standardized Names provide the foundation for the IFI Ultimate Owners. IFI Standardized Names enable users to join patent documents with other data sources, such as financial information. Together, IFI Standardized Names and the IFI Names service make patent portfolios of domestic and global corporations immediately available. 

IFI Patent Status and Expiration Estimates

IFI Patent Status indicates whether the patent is still in force or, in the case of applications, identifies the document as pending, granted, or inactive. The IFI Snapshot includes anticipated and adjusted expiration dates calculated by proprietary algorithms, providing the best possible estimate of when a patent is expected to expire.

IFI Claims Summaries

The IFI Claims Summary reviews the claims, identifying each as independent or dependent, and annotates each claim accordingly.