Report Options

You can create a report directly from your search results page which will provide either a CSV or XML file containing your selected records. Check the box or boxes to the left of the records you want to include in your report. To select all records, check the box at the top of the list:

Right-click anywhere within the window, then select Report:

This will bring up a New Report box which allows you to select the parameters of your report:

Within the New Report box, you can select the following options:

Name: Allows you to enter a report title. Special Unix/Linux characters may not be used in report names. Valid characters include alphas, numerics, dashes, and underscores.

Type: Allows you to select CSV or XML.

Source: Automatically populated based on selection. Selecting all will show Search, selecting individual rows will show List

Criteria: Automatically populated with the criteria of your search or an OR list of ucids

CSV Options: Allows you to select the format of a CSV report. Options include:

    • Headers: Allows you to choose whether to include headers.
    • Nonl: Allows you to choose whether to include carriage returns.
    • Columns: Allows you to select which columns to include. Multiple columns can be selected by holding down the Ctrl key.
    • Maxcolsize: Allows you to select the maximum column size.

Package Type: For XML reports, allows you to select how the report will be packaged for download. Options include:

    • Single: Downloads a single report containing all of your selected records.
    • Batched: Downloads batched reports, each containing multiple records.
    • Archived: Downloads multiple files stored in a predictable directory structure.
    • Archived with Attachments: Downloads records and their associated attachments in a predictable directory structure.

Package Comp: Allows you to save the report as a Zip or GZip file. Available for both CSV and XML files.

Click Create to process the report.

To retrieve it, go to the Reporting drop-down in the top menu bar and select Reporting (General):

You will see your report at the top of the list. Click the link to download the file:

Note: Reports are available for six months after they are created. Please download any reports older than six months that you wish to keep.

You can re-run the report from this screen if necessary by right-clicking on the report and selecting Row, then (Re)-Queue. You may need to refresh the page to see the re-run report: