IFI CLAIMS 2019 Content Roadmap

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IFI's Content Roadmap for 2019 reinforces the company’s ongoing commitment to the quality, reliability, and completeness of the CLAIMS Direct patent repository.
Chinese Data Improvements
We’ve just started to use a new Chinese data source that is improving quality and timeliness. We are using this new source for all new publications and updates, and during Q1 and Q2 we will complete a comprehensive reload of the complete CN backfile allowing us to introduce the following data enhancements:
  1. IFI integrated container including standard names (all subscriptions) 
  2. CN legal status (Premium+) 
  3. Improved bibliographic data including additional parties info (Premium+) 
  4. Expanded collection of referenced images (Premium+) 
  5. High quality machine translations (all subscriptions) 
In addition, we plan to publish an initial short bibliographic record and full PDF within a few days of publication. The complete full text record including machine translations will be available within 3 weeks of publication.

Machine Translations

During the first half of 2019, we will switch to Google Translate for all new machine translations. In addition, we will replace all current machine translations over the next 12-18 months. Most of the translations will use Google's next-generation neural translation technology. During this process we plan to replace our original Chinese fulltext with a higher quality source and replace the machine translations with translations from Google.
Data Integration Services
IFI expanded the CLAIMS Direct platform to allow the integration of private and custom data collections. Clients can now take advantage of IFI’s data integration, QA, and development services to augment their local resources. We currently manage a private server hosting full text from over 60 patent authorities, which we believe is the largest patent data repository ever assembled. For another client we deployed a private server with domain-specific set of patent records with customized indexing schema designed to meet their application requirements.
Additional Full Text Countries
In 2018 IFI acquired full text data from several new patent authorities, and we plan to publish this data into CLAIMS Direct in 2019. This will ultimately result in the addition of 2 million new full text records and a reload of nearly 50 million full text records over the course of 2019 and early 2020.
IFI will continue reinvesting in CLAIMS Direct by pursuing new data acquisition and curation efforts, and we welcome input. We expect 2020 to be even more exciting than 2019!