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New records set for US patents in 2017

Last month we released our annual patent rankings and trends reports which revealed a 5.2% increase in granted patents in 2017 from 2016, to just over 320,000. IBM is once again the top assignee and received astonishing 9,043 patents, a 12% increase from 2016. New this year, we produced interactive content to highlight the largest and fastest growing technologies of 2017.

Visit our website to view the rankings and trends:


IFI to present at PIUG Biotechnology Conference

The Patent Information Users Group (PIUG) will hold their annual biotechnology conference in Cambridge, MA on February 20-21. Our senior analyst, Larry Cady, will give a presentation titled “A New Way to Access Patent Data, Chemical Annotations and Company Private Data: An Overview and Demonstration of Google BigQuery and Tableau”.

The session will use an example based on CRISPR technology to demonstrate the use of BigQuery and Tableau as a new method for exploring patent data. Larry will go over how to combine multiple sources of information and produce meaningful visualizations. 

Learn more about the PIUG Biotechnology Conference

Using patent data for drug development

Bringing new drugs to market is a complex and expensive process. According to the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, the average cost of a new drug is $2.6 billion, including failures and time spent.

Using patent data is a cost effective, smart way to mitigate financial risks. Adding patent information to big data analysis can help avoid costly intellectual property issues and provide scientists with access to research that’s never published in journals or presented at conferences.

Read the full story IFI CLAIMS® contributed to Bio-IT World.

Make sense of PTAB information on Google’s BigQuery with IFI Data Enrichments

Data from USPTO’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board is available to IFI subscribers in the CLAIMS Direct patent database’s legal status data field, and it is now also publicly available on Google Patents Public Datasets on BigQuery as the uspto_ptab dataset, with limitations. The USPTO provides this dataset and describes it this way:

“USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) API Data contains data from the PTAB E2E (end-to-end) system making public America Invents Action (AIA) Trials information and documents available.”

What’s problematic is that instead of providing the corporate owner of the patent, the name of the inventor is listed. The issue is solved by combining the PTAB data with IFI Patent Data Enrichments, available as a paid table. In addition to standardized assignee/applicant names, IFI’s Data Enrichments table provides a useful legal status indicator and calculated expiration date (for granted patents).

To learn more about using PTAB data on BigQuery, read our blog post.

Full text Australian patent records now available

We have released full text for Australian patents and applications. This data goes back to 1990 and is accessible at the Premium data subscription level. IFI CLAIMS data enrichments including standardized names, legal status and claims hierarchy data is included.

Australian records also contain additional transactional information such as the date the application became available for public inspection, examination details, certification details and other legal status information.

Where we'll be

PIUG Biotechnology Conference
February 2021
Cambridge, MA
Larry Cady, Senior Analyst at IFI CLAIMS, will be giving a presentation on combining data sources with Google's BigQuery and Tableau using an example based on CRISPR.

IPBC Europe
March 20–21
Amsterdam, Netherlands

IC-SDV 2018
April 2324
Nice, France
IFI CLAIMS will give an overview on a new way to access and analyze patent data using Google's BigQuery and Tableau using a scientific example.